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Reliable Computer Repair Services in Edmonton

TechOS is the best option for instant onsite computer repair in Edmonton, AB, Canada. We do not have any hidden fees. Our professionals are masters in all the brands and models. We can repair any type of computer model. However daunting the condition is,  we will resolve all the issues and bring your computer back to life.

Why do you go to the shops when you can repair your computer with just one call? Contact TechOS for your computer repair. Our experts will help you and make you satisfied with our work.

Get in touch call us at +1(780) 999-3432

TechOS will help you with any issues related to your computer, solve them, and also give you advice on maintaining your computer.

Get a Free Consultation From Our Experts

Is your computer acting up? Is it experiencing annoying tech problems? Don’t face this situation for too long. Get in touch with our professional skilled experts. We will provide you a free consultation and guide you with the best solutions. We will check the computer and resolve your problems.

Computer Repair Services For All Your Problems

TechOS is the all-rounder for tech troubleshooters that provide repair services for all computer models.


Get Our Experts Help

If you are stuck on Startup and the system is not turning on, get our experts to help turn it on. This happens because of various factors, such as viruses, software conflicts, or even hardware damage. If you do not know what to do, then it is best to shut down your PC and consult the experts to get advice. Without self-repair skills, the issue can become worse.

Your Key to Smooth Computing!

Local Computer Repair Service in Edmonton

We can understand how irritating it is when you are working on important tasks and the computer shuts down.  Don’t Fret! Local-based computer repair companies in Edmonton can resolve all about fixings and repairing.

This is how we change the game! 

  • Comprehensive Solutions 
  • Onsite Support 
  • Cutting-Edge Technologies 
  • Fast Turnaround Time 
  • Affordable Services


Yes, we do provide a full 30 days Repair Warranty for our Computer Repair Services.

No, we do not charge you extra for Onsite Computer Repair Service if you are located in Edmonton.

The cost of computer repair is flexible depending upon the extent of repair that needs to be done. For fixing minor issues, the price could be as less as 25 CAD. For fixing complex hardware and software problems, the repair cost could be up to 75+ CAD.

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