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In today’s digital world, losing data like your photos, important documents, or any files related to business can be dangerous. You do not need to be scared about it. TechOS provides the perfect data recovery services in Edmonton.

You can lose your data because the computer crashes, causing the loss of critical system files, emails, databases, CRM data, and user files. These mishap disasters can result in the loss of sensitive data and important information. Moreover, if your files are detected accidentally, you can recover them by getting professional help.

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TechOS has a skilled team of technicians that can help you recover data and create a backup. You contact us or call us at (780) 999-3432.

Our Data Recovery Services

We understand the significance of your files and folders for your work, and we know losing them is not an option. That’s why we offer quick and strategic data recovery services in all areas of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Hard Drives

Our TechOS engineers can recover data and get backups from any hard drive model, whether your hard drive is physically damaged or has a corrupted file system and is not accessible. You don’t need to worry. TechOS understands you, and we are here for you. Our engineer has the techniques, proprietary software, and tools to recover your data.


TechOS’s experienced experts can recover data from modern server hardware platforms and legacy systems. We support all RAID levels and NAS/SAN devices and can recover data from all virtual environments.

Soild State Drives & Flash Media

We provide data recovery services for SSD Drives, Flash Drives, SD Cards, or Memory Sticks

Database Repair

Professionals at TechOS can repair most MSSQL and Exchange Databases to an attachable state, or we can hunt and extract all viable data, including SQL objects and related data pages and Exchange mailboxes.


TechOS data recovery engineers have developed our own software to retrieve data from all tape types and formats.

Operating and file systems

We support all operating systems, Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux OS, VMWare

How Can TechOS Help You Recover Your Data?

When files are deleted or go missing, we perform a deep system scan to locate their whereabouts. Subsequently, we assess the possibility of recovery. The common question is often about the amount of data that can be recovered, and fortunately, our team puts in all the effort to make sure we get the maximum. We have successfully retrieved data for a range of clients, from large institutions to average home users.

It’s no secret that backing up your important files is absolutely crucial. Countless cautionary tales exist about businesses that have suffered significant damages due to data loss. While we won’t delve into those stories now, we know you understand the significance of having an easy-to-use and reliable data backup solution in place—hence why you’re reading this.

Get the Right Data Backup for You

There are several technologies available for extensive data backup, and understanding the pros and cons of each can sometimes discourage individuals from pursuing a suitable solution. We understand your confusion, and that’s why we offer consultation to determine the best methods tailored to your unique needs or business setup.



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Tips to Prevent Further Data Loss

  1. If you hear clicking or grinding noises from your hard disk drive, stop using it immediately.
  2. Avoid using auto repair utilities to fix data loss issues, as they may cause further damage.
  3. Never restore a backup to the original system to avoid overwriting or corrupting data.
  4. Take steps to protect the original data as much as possible to prevent additional loss.
  5. Instead of shutting down, turn off the system to minimize potential damage.
  6. Diagnose the problem without booting the computer.
  7. Contact our office for free phone advice on the best steps to solve your specific problem.

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