Hardware Repair

TechOS Expertise in repair of all makes and model computer and laptop hardware. Our Hardware Repair Prices are genuine and nominal. No extra service charge for On Site Repair Service.

What Hardware Parts We Repair

We repair almost all computer and laptop Hardware parts. Our Hardware Repair Service extends from Cabling to Motherboard and so on.

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TechOS Hardware Repair Services

  • motherboard Repair
  • Screen replacement
  • hard disk failure
  • Power socket repair
  • Computer and laptop overheating repair
  • battery replacement
  • Cabling Replacement
  • Computer and Laptop Water Damage Repair
  • Power button replacement
  • Ethernet Switch Replacement
hardware repair

Motherboard Repair

Motherboard Repairs are very complex and takes a lot of time. Though our experienced staffs can repair your motherboard with ease.

Screen Replacement

We can replace your computer or laptop screen without damaging other parts. Our experienced professionals are experts to replace computer and laptop screens.

Hard disk failure

Sometimes it might take a lot of time for your computer or laptop to get booted. This could be due to hard disk failure. We can replace the hard disk and backup all the data’s to new one before you loose them.

Computer or Laptop Overheating repairs

Sometimes poor computer or laptop configuration can cause overheating issues. We can configure or upgrade your computer or laptop hardware to resolve the issues. In some causes the cooling fans of laptops or computer could be the culprits to cause overheating issues. In these causes we can safely replace them and fix the problems.

Battery Replacement

We can replace your drained and non functioning laptop batteries in no time.

Why is my computer keeps rebooting and takes to BSOD?

This could be due to some hardware or Memory failure. Your Computer or Laptop RAM might not be supporting or destructed.
We can quickly fix your computer or laptop rebooting issue and get it back in normal state.

Is my computer lagging due to hardware problems?

There are chances that your computer could lag due to some hardware malfunction. Sometimes your computer or laptop might not support the software or OS you are using. In this cause we can fine tune your computer or laptop hardware according your software requirements.

What to do if i encountered Hardware Issue on my computer or laptop?

  • Don’t try to find a hook or repair if you are not a pro. This could lead to other hardware damage and data loss.
  • Turn off your computer and unplug the power.
  • Call TechOS Technician On Site for help.

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