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Our experts and engineers work with PCs and laptops daily. They are the best at what they do and will offer you their expertise in diagnosing and repairing any hardware and software troubles.

Our expert hardware supports are one of the leading PC and laptop hardware fixers.

As soon as you need our assistance, just call us at 780 999 3432 and our Computer repair experts can come to your home or office. Choose the time that is convenient for you. We offer GUARANTEED SOLUTIONS for fixing any hardware related issues of your PC, mobile or laptop!

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Computer repairs in Edmonton

TechOS Provide computer repair services in Edmonton, we can fix, update, replace and recover data from your desktop or laptop computer. the most obvious factor you’ll consider when deciding whether to repair or replace a computer and the very first thing that comes to your mind is the evaluating costs. When evaluating the cost of repair vs. replacement, it’s important to consider not only the cost of labor and hardware but also the ramp-up costs involved with getting a new machine operational.

When you repair or upgrade your own computer, you know exactly what you put into it, and you’re in a much better position to resolve any problems that may occur.  At Edmonton TechOS team of certified technicians not only will fix the problem but will also give some precautionary measures how to prevent it. While fixing your machine onsite or remotely you can watch as your PC is being fixed and learn how to get the most out of your computer, even all kinds of Mac repairs including maintenance and repair of MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Apple iMac and even minis fall under the service and repair checklist. TechOS aim to deliver same-day service to all our clients thereby saving your time and providing you with the resolution of your problem quickly. When you upgrade your existing system, you choose where to focus your efforts; when you buy a PC, you get what’s being offered.

It is one more branch of our expertise which we admire. Computer and PC related software, hardware issues are just a piece of cake.

Software Understanding

Most of us don’t relate to, why the software is “licensed” and not “owned”. That’s because you are not allowed to move the software programs to a different computer.

If your software is permitted to move, you’ll also need “license keys.”  However, from time to time, the original CD or DVD is also used to do the update. So, if you get the fake software assigned, you will crash your system. Nothing will work with fake windows.

Data Securing Measures

You can use “cloud,” for all of your files, documents, images, and music. The usual stuff is saved on the hard drive of your computer. Transferring this important data to your new computer is a big concern not all of us have the external hard-drive. We help you in saving your data, and also repairing your hard drive, or replacing it also an option.

Explaining Technology and Different Details

We live in a digitally sound and thriving era.  Daily new things, software’s, applications, systems are experimented or revealed to the world.

It is both, overwhelming and sometimes difficult to get your head around these details. This is not something to worry, as we have the ultimate knowledge to guide you around them.

Let it be Windows XP, Vista, or 7 to Windows 8 or 10 – we can help you and your staff to understand them. The downtime you face because of having insufficient knowledge can be avoided.

Set an appointment with us today so we can fix your problem within the hour. Our staff is well-equipped for arranging, updating, upgrading, and networking in regards to any of your IT requests.

We also offer all of the below services, you can call and book your appointment for today!

  • Desktop, laptop and PC repairs
  • Ram and Graphic card repairs
  • Hard drive repair
  • Software updates and renewals
  • Security patches
  • Security updates and upgrades
  • Virus removal and virus security
  • Data recovery from hard drive
  • Cloud storage and backup alternatives
  • Networking devices
  • Wireless and cable networking
  • Modem | ADSL | Cable fitting, installation and setup
  • Apple Mac repairs
  • Basic network services
  • Websites & online marketing for businesses
  • THOR surge protection
  • T. Services for personal and business users

Why We are Your One-Stop Shop?

Let our technicians come to you, and provide the best assistance.  We have no call-out fees and our drive-in vans are fully supplied to your requirements. Let it be the new ram, graphics cards, hard drives, software even brand new desktops or laptops, we are just a call away!

There are numerous options all-around you, so why would you specifically work with us? That’s because:

  • Home or Business, we come to YOU!
  • No hidden charges
  • No Call-Out Fee
  • No Travel Fee
  • Minimum On-Site Service Charges
  • Same Day services
  • Full-time Employed technicians
  • You can ask questions and seek answers
  • Well-presented customer services
  • QualityService Facility
  • Guaranteed Solution For every problem

Our SErvices

Pricing details for our services

# Service
1 Desktop and laptop PC repairs
2 New desktop & laptop setup
3 Virus removal and virus protection
4 Apple Mac services and repair
5 Data recovery from any hard drive / storage
6 Networking your devices – wireless and cable
7 Modem | ADSL | Cable installation and setup

Why Use TechOS?

  • We Come To You – Home or Business
  • No Call Out Fee or Travelling Charges
  • Low On-Site Service Fees
  • We aim for same day service
  • All our technicians are employees, not contractors!
  • You get to watch the computer repair process – and ask questions !
  • Most importantly… you get to experience the quality TechOS Service

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