Laptop Repair Edmonton

TechOS offers a wide range of Laptop repair services in all areas of Edmonton. We come to you either home or business. Our service includes both hardware and software repair solutions. Several Business as well as Individuals has appreciated TechOS for its Laptop Repair Service.

Our Aim

Our Aim is to provide you the best laptop repair service in affordable price.

What Brand Laptop we Service

Doesn’t matter weather you use a HP, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Apple or some Other Brand Laptop. We fix them all.

Learn More about our computer repair services in Edmonton.

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In what situation we can help you with your laptop issues?

  • Laptop not running smooth.
  • Laptop Booting up slow or stuck down in boot up.
  • Laptop is running slow then usual.
  • Programs malfunctioning. Switching on to other applications by its own.
  • Getting annoyed popups and ads on your laptop and browser.
  • Files getting corrupted and deleted by its own.
  • Anti-Virus software stopped functioning.
  • Unable to remove viruses, spywares and other such harmful programs.
  • Unable to open your work applications.
  • Laptop heating problem.
  • Slow Internet and having issues with internet connectivity.
  • Getting Blue screen of death in your laptop.
  • Laptop not turning On or Booting up.
  • Task bar and start menu stopped functioning in Windows 10.
  • USB Ports, Optical Drives, Power Switch or other hardware part not working in your laptop.

Don’t Panic if your laptop crashed down while you were working on it.

Contact TechOS for professional Laptop Service. We will come and fix your laptop right away.

Lost Important Data’s and files from your laptop. Need a quick Data Recovery?

TechOS helps you recover your lost data’s and files quick. Our Technicians have extensive knowledge in data recovery. We are equiped with latest data recovery tools and software’s.

Laptop Repair Services – TechOS

Hardware Repair

  • Motherboard Repair / Replacement / Upgrading
  • Hard drive replacement / Upgrading
  • Laptop SMPS Repair / Replacement
  • Optical Device Repair / Replacement / Installation
  • Screen (LCD Display) Repair / Replacement
  • Ram (Memory) Replacement / Upgrade
  • Keypad and Track Pad Replacement
  • Audio Jack Replacement
  • Graphics Card Replacement / Upgrade

Software Services

  • Software Installation and Support ( MS Office, Quickbooks and other Business/Personal use software’s)
  • Virus, Malware, Spyware, Adware, Trojans Removal.
  • Removal of Unwanted Files / Programs / Applications that eats up your laptop memory.
  • Anti-Virus Installation and Support.
  • Operating System Installation / Upgrading (Windows and MAC)
  • Driver Installation / Update Missing Driver
  • BIOS Upgrade (Latest Version)

Networking and Internet

  • Network cabling / Resolving Ethernet Issues
  • setting up Access Points (WiFi) / IP phones / Network equipment (Hubs & Switches)
  • Router / Firewalls / Virtual Private Networking (VPN) Configuration
  • Network Security Testing / Networking Consultant

TechOS Experienced Technicians can Help you with Laptop Maintenance Service

Our Laptop Maintenance Service Includes both Both Hardware and Software Maintenance. Laptop Cleaning also included both Interior and Exterior.

Need a repair For the laptop damaged with water ?

TechOS promise to fix your laptop water damage in affordable price.

Unable to work? Your Laptop freezes?

We’ll help you get back to work. Fast and Qualitatively.