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Are you facing issues with your CPU or networking? Have you applied enough security patches for your internet safety? Why is your system not able to boot?

These and many such questions arise when you don’t have a proper professional help for your network and latest technology. Let it be your home or office network, we have you completely covered with our secure networking system!

Look At The Future!

Initially, the first network was used to direct, straightforward messages and small strings of info between CPUs. Basic networking used to be a tool of the past. At this moment, we have technology tools beyond your imagination. At present, the need to secure and safe your data is very essential. Your privacy is important, even if it is a personal or professional network. Al the data exchange needs to be monitored and secured. Nowadays, networks are exchanging substantial statistics, and information. This exchange is integral to the smooth set-up of millions of businesses all over the globe. Hence, to keep this exchange smooth, you need the professional tech backup.

What Is A Network?

Basically, the network is just a word, which we can use to describe the basic phenomena behind the process. It is two or more computers interconnecting and disclosing data with to each other. A network connection defines how those computers are interactive with collectively. The majority of computers, transfer through a connection or a wireless link. Setting-up your network initially will demand a lot of consideration.

Most of these are:

  • To begin with, the connection type is the most essential of all. For this, you have to make sure you that are getting the most out of your system.
  • Next, it is only the technology that will matter. As technology is used to support the network connection. It is also fundamental to ensure the dependability and steadfastness of your network.

The Exclusive PC Technicians For You!

Our technical staff is experienced in handling all types of networking problems, no matter how big or small they are. We also offer business consultation to set up a confined, nationwide or global network. We are capable of interlinking those fancy devices to connect-and-link your computer to your TV, and your TV with your fridge. Yes, we agree and understand that the tech-talk is quite overwhelming for you. So, just take out your pen, and draft the questions, and we will answer all for you. We are the Exclusive PC Doctor Technicians, who are capable of providing you with the best network support services in Edmonton, and surrounding area.

Why Should I choose TechOS Home & Business Internet/Network Support Services?

TechOS provides same day onsite or remote support for your home or business network. We understand that staying online is extremely important, that’s why our TechOS Technician can come to your home or office fix even the most difficult networking problems.

From network installations to software and hardware repairs and upgrades, we are always ready to cure any networking related problems

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What are The Most Common Network & Internet Issues?

This is a million dollar question. But, its answer has a cost more than that. Generally, we overlook the basics and move for whatever is told to us. You can’t make mistakes, as your data and networking is the main thing to be secured.

We have got you a list of the most common issues that we come across during the routine stuff. However, if your problem is not listed in this list, still write to us and we will get you the market approved solution for it. we can still help call us for a free no obligation quote on 780 999 3432 

  • Corporate Network installations
  • Network Password Reset
  • Connection TroubleshootingFor: Internet/Cable/Broadband/Dial-up/ADSL/3G/4G
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) Setup &Troubleshooting
  • POP/SMTP/IMAP – Email Troubleshooting
  • Wireless &Wi-Fi Networking & Troubleshooting
  • Apple Airport troubleshooting and setup
  • Airport extreme Troubleshoot
  • Ethernet Card Troubleshooting& Back-up
  • Network Printer Arrangement /Troubleshooting
  • Network Storage Device Setup/ Protection
  • TCP/IP Protocol Conflict and Configuration Issues
  • DHCP and DNS Troubleshoot
  • Sluggish internet or network bandwidth operation
  • Port Forwarding Configuration
  • Firewall Configuration
  • Internet/Wireless WEP/WPA/WPA2 Security structure
  • Voice-over IP (VOIP) Setup Arrangement

Why Use TechOS?

We know, you already have a lot of options available. Some may offer a better deal, others better services. We are a combo of both, with the additional feature of Quality-on-top! Its guaranteed services and outcomes. We don’t want to have you as a one-time client. We look forward to having you as a potential client for a lifetime. Our service promise delivery on time, with quality.

  • We Come To You – Home or Business
  • No Call Out Fee or Travelling Charges
  • Low On-Site Service Fees
  • We aim for same day service
  • All our technicians are employees, not contractors!
  • You get to watch the computer repair process – and ask questions!
  • Most importantly… you get to experience the quality TechOS Service

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